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Name: Brandon “Bam Bam”
Alias: WFSUnotorious

Brandon has been playing video games for over twenty years, starting with when he first received a playstation as a gift. He started out playing games like Tekken, Fighting Force, Spyro, Frogger and Crash Bandicoot (among many others). He has trouble picking a favorite game because he says that he has been lucky enough to put countless hours into multiple great games. If he had to narrow it down though, he could select a top three favorite games, which would be: Pokemon, Halo 2 and League of Legends (he sincerely apologizes to Final Fantasy 10 for not making the cut). Halo 2 was the game he took most seriously and accomplished a lot in the ranked queues (gaining a level in the 40s for regular play and high 30s for doubles, which as many of you may recall was quite difficult with how many people would cheat once you hit the mid 30s), along with playing practices with pro players. He is currently putting a large focus on variety streaming, while trying to climb and get better at Valorant.

Along, with gaming, he has a massive interest in anime, music and dogs. His favorite genres / types being: shounen anime, EDM music and Akita doggos. He puts a large focus on mental health and wellness because it is such an important aspect of life and hasn’t been talked about nearly enough. If you want to learn more about WFSUnotorious, tune in to his weekly stream on 1PUNCH or his personal Twitch channel!

Name: Austin J

Austin has been playing video games since he can remember, starting with Spyro and Crash Bandicoot on Playstation. From there, at the age of 13, he advanced to his first PC game, and his favorite game to date: Counter-Strike, and thus his competitive gaming career started. Religiously playing CS since 1.4, he started competing in 1.6 in various leagues including CAL (if you remember that league, you're an OG!). Over the years he has played off and on with life getting in the way, but has played highly competitive CS, Source, and GO, and has played with a variety of Invite and Pro players throughout his career. Being MIA since just about the end of 2014, and coming back this past year, with the new release of Valorant he is back on his grind! Streaming throughout the week with hopes of getting back into competitive play, he looks forward to advancing his skill and making the big league, "FOR REAL THIS TIME!" (his words, not ours, haha).

Austin has recently become a father, so juggling between life, family, career, health and fitness, and gaming is tough sometimes, but he gets it done. He started his wellness career the 1st day in 2017 (with Kayn if you can believe it!), and has been at it since. Since then he has transformed his life for the better, felt better than hes ever felt before, started competing Elite level OCR (obstacle course races), mainly Spartan Races, and is working on getting more health and wellness as well as fitness certifications. To date, he is a Personal Trainer through ACE, and is working on his Certified Nutrition Specialist certification, also through ACE. He is an aspiring Biohacker, and is chasing the official biohacking title! A health and wellness guru at it's finest!

Catch him on stream on our Twitch, and be on the lookout for his health and wellness tips on our (and his) social media as well as YouTube, and check his social media and YouTube to follow his Biohacking career, see game clips and tips, and game playthroughs!

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