Our Mission At 1PUNCH Nation


1PUNCH Nation is designed to bridge the gap between two very important communities: health & wellness and gaming. With the meteoric rise in popularity of the gaming scene, and the global rise of health & wellness related issues, we would love to combine these two communities to create a health and wellness powerhouse.


Our primary mission is to educate the general population (with a focus on the gaming community and young people) on health related topics and the benefits to gain from said topics. Examples include: nutrition, sleep, exercise, and how to boost your mood and mindset. Our group will provide explanations on how these life changes would not only help a person's general well-being, but how that person can utilize the information to help enhance their performance in the gaming field (for those who are interested in gaming performance).

One of our biggest focuses in the health and wellness space will be on mental health. Mental health affects an enormous number of people around the globe, over 10% or 792 million people as of 2017 per the website 'Our World in Data'. With a large percent of mental health issues being youths, we feel that it is incredibly important to focus our help specifically on this demographic. Young people often struggle to reach out for help because it is a very intimidating subject and especially have trouble if the person is a “professional” or a “therapist”. We want to provide ways to help people of all ages, especially the young, find a way to deal with mental health issues and help cope with depression and anxiety, or anything else that they might be dealing with. A goal of ours is to try and breakdown the stigma against mental health.

As a community, we will help reach these goals by educating through media platforms such as podcasts, live streams, and social media. We will have live streams dedicated to gaming and education, as well as for enjoyment and entertainment which can drastically boost a person's mental well-being. We will have places for people to interact with each other and go over what’s going on in their mind or their lives, without the fear of “getting in trouble for their thoughts”. We also have plans to do much more to help the community.

Our Services:

We at 1PUNCH strive to make a community for any and everyone to be part of, to get educated, ask questions, join and take part in community events, and enjoy some entertainment. To begin, we will be doing most everything virtually so that anyone, from anywhere, can tune in.

The platforms we will be covering are as follows: Twitch, YouTube, all podcast platforms, Twitter, Instagram, and our own website. We also have a virtual person training set up with a customized app for those interested in a fitness routine (with a group, or one on one with one of our trainers), or those who just need to know how to get started in a routine. We will have add on's to our fitness routines, for example, nutritional support, recommendations, and guidance.

Podcast: Our podcast will be weekly and cover a wide range of health and wellness topics. Fitness, mental health, wellness routines, financial health, and many more! This podcast will be recorded and streamed live first on Twitch, where we will do a live Q&A after (for X amount of questions - number not yet determined). Some patrons will have a private Q&A with the hosts after. After the live stream, the podcast will then be uploaded to podcast platforms as well as our YouTube so regardless of what platform people use, they won’t miss a thing!YouTube: Health & wellness and fitness content will be posted here. All of our podcasts will be submitted here after recording as well. We will also post some game play from our streams.

Twitch: Entertaining streams with our team of streamers covering a wide variety of games, with a health and wellness promotion integration.

Other Social Media: All other social media will be used to educate, entertain, promote streams, events, giveaways, and charity's, as well as communicate further with the community.


As a community, we will be hosting charity events, many of which will be held live on Twitch. We will cover many charities, with our main charity being a Mental Health charity (American Foundation of Suicide Prevention), to help promote mental health across the community.

Where to find us:

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/1PUNCHTV
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/1PUNCH
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/1PUNCHNation
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/1PUNCHNation