1PUNCH Fitness AcaDemy

Taking your Health to the next level

Here at 1PUNCH Nation, our goal is to help everyone to increase their health as a whole, and to help optimize their mind and body.

We have personal trainers ready to help you hit your fitness goals, whether you're a beginner and just starting, or a seasoned lifter looking for a new routine. To further your wellness journey, you can have one of our nutrition specialists help you get your eating habits back on track!

Our fitness app allows for a fully customization workout made specific for you, which includes the routine split by daily workouts, videos, explanations, tips, as well as the ability to chat directly with your trainer!

Have trouble with your nutrition? Get nutrition guidance and support tailored to your lifestyle and preferences with one of our nutrition specialists, or select nutrition support as an add on to your fitness program for the complete health boosting package!

Updated 7.8.20: Right now our spots are limited, but if you are interested in fitness training, nutrition guidance, or both, reach out to us on social media and we will respond ASAP with how to get started!

*This is a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis right now due to limited spots.
**Anyone who signs up before the "official" launch of our fitness academy will receive a permanent 20% off fitness and nutrition coupon for future (personal) use! Get in and sign up now to be grandfathered in to a great low price on your health optimization journey with 1PUNCH Nation!

Unless otherwise stated, none of our advisors at this time are doctors, nurses, dietitians, registered dietitians, certified nutritionists, or any other health care provider professional service. They cannot give you a customized meal plan or tell you exactly what to or when, unless following a plan specifically designed by your health care provider. That being said, our nutrition specialists are still certified by accredited certification agencies on nutritional support, and can provide nutrition guidance and recommendations as well as provide educational information, share recipes, explain food labels, and much more. If what you are looking for is outside of their scope of practice, recommending you to a dietitian or nutritionist might be warranted, in which case the specialist can carry out their designed plan.

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