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Kick off 2021 With Personal Training

Thank you for showing interest in our special promotion for online personal training here at the 1PUNCH Academy!

This is a great experience dedicated to helping beginners get into a fitness routine without the stress of having to learn on their own. This program is not limited to beginners and can be a perfect fit for someone who has been working out for some time but needs to learn to transition to an at home style program.

With that, this program is a 90 day at home routine that utilizes resistance bands and body weight, makes it perfect for starting out or continuing a routine during the pandemic!

Program Information:
-90 day at home program
-100% online
-Utilizes resistance bands and body weight
-*Uses an interactive app that can be used on any smart phone or tablet
-Video instructions for every workout throughout the program
-Direct access to message the personal trainer through the app
-Will help with beginners getting into a fitness routine
-Will help with seasoned fitness goers to transition into an at home routine
-Provides many health benefits
-*Health benefits will help to increase gaming performance!

Anyone who successfully completes the program will be given a permanent 20% discount code (for personal use) for continuing fitness training with 1PUNCH Academy!*

*The interactive app brings the program to life with a calendar that shows the program as a whole or simply (and by default) shows the current week and whats to be expected of that day. It is an interactive app and will provide the information on the workouts and activities needed for the day.
*Gaming performance is the ability to play games at a desired level by a specific person. For example, a person might want to increase their gaming performance to reach a specific tier rank in a game. Working on your health and wellness journey will transition into doing just that. To hear more on the health benefits and how it can transfer to your gaming performance, you can check our podcast out at any of the links below:

-Game On: Improve Your Health Podcast
Apple | Google | Spotify | YouTube
If you have any questions on anything you hear in the podcasts, don't hesitate to ask!

Price: $100
Program Start Date:
March 15, 2021

-For our 2021 kick off promotion, we are discounting this program to only $100!

This program will be $300 for the 90 days ($100 monthly) after this promotion ends, so be sure to get in now if you are interested, save yourself some money, get into a routine and get moving!

*This is a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis right now due to limited spots.
**This promotional program is a NON-REFUNDABLE one time fee of $100 for the 90 days. Upon purchase of the program, you agree and adhere to these terms.

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